Come and see us at the PCA Waterproofing Conference

6 Jul 2017

The Basement Information Centre are exhibiting at the PCA Structural Waterproofing Conference at The Slate, University of Warwick on 6th July 2017.

As well as exhibiting at the event, we look forward to hearing the excellent conference programme. Members featured include:

  • Adam Birkinshaw representing Hanson and Sika - Watertight concrete
  • Charles Goodchild, MPA The Concrete Centre - Concrete basements
  • Richard Crossley, Newton Waterproofing - Maintaining continuity

as well as partners from a range of current and previous projects:

  • John Naylor, GGS - Understanding gas protection measure selection with waterproofing systems
  • Stephen Garvin, BRE - Property flood resilience

Follow updates on the event on Twitter @basementsinfo and @PCAPropertyCare